The Job Hunters

The Job Hunters are outplacement specialists.

That means we specialise in:
    CV writing.
    Training candidates in how to hunt for jobs successfully.
    Training candidates how to prepare for interviews.

All courses are online, one to one, and can be tailored to your needs.

Our costs depend on what you would like - from a full CV to a four hour course that will give you an excellent professional CV, job hunting techniques and interview training (covering Star/Competency based interviews and a multitude of other interview questions).  

For example:
    For a full professionally written CV;  £70 + VAT (£84)
    For a four hour, online, one to one course, covering CV       writing, job hunting and interview techniques; 
    £200 + VAT (£240)

For more information either call or email.

So why use the Job Hunters?

Our trainers have over 10 years experience in CV writing, job hunting training and interview techniques,including involvement in a past Government program getting people back to work.

The Job Hunters are part of Motorvation Recruitment who have been established over 12 years.

Our trainers understand the job market and have over the years reviewed thousands of CVs and interviewed hundreds of candidates.

We can also advise people looking at self-employment, including setting up businesses, business plans and marketing.